Insulated Shipping Boxes - 12x12x8 - SNAP LINER - Dual fit with Large Flat Rate

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* Orders to Hawaii or Alaska require custom freight quote. *

Insulated shipping boxes (also known as a styro liner sets) are an industry standard in responsible fish transportation.  This insulated shipping box's wall thickness measures in at just under 5/8" thick.  A master carton has enough styro liner sets to complete 12 boxes.  All master cartons from this product line only include styrofoam.  It's the customer's responsibility to source boxes locally.

We designed this styro liner set to fit the USPS BOX7 and Large Flat Rate box, both of which can be ordered directly to your door at no cost from  This styro liner set is unique in that it fit two box sizes.  Straight out of the master carton the styro liner will fit the 12x12x8 (USPS BOX7) with no modification needed.  If one desires to use this styro liner set for the 12x12x5.5 (Large Flat Rate Box) you simply need to snap the four side wall pieces along the pre-cut "snap score".  Both of these insulated shipping boxes excel at shipping larger orders.  Additional benefits are: 

  • Fabricated with a hot wire our styro foam retains a professional, clean edge and very little, to no mess.
  • Each set features an interlocking six wall design to provide the best stability while packing.
  • Expanded polystyrene offers unique closed-cell structure that provides remarkable insulating properties allowing for great temperature control.
  • Lightweight and resilient - Styro liners add little extra to ones shipping cost and provide for a strong and highly crush resistance carton.

Using this insulated shipping box within your shipping regiment while ensure you are able to maximize your profits while still meeting your customer's expectations in appearance and delivery speed.