Aquatic Packaging Life Support Breather Bags
Aquatic Packaging Life Support Breather Bags

Aquatic Packaging Life Support Breather Bags

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In response to the lack of a smaller size and rising costs Aquatic Packaging has worked diligently to produce its own bag capable of exchanging oxygen.  We are proud to offer this bag to our customers.  

  • Stocked sizes include:
      • 5.5x8
      • 7x14

Life Support Bags offer a few unique and distinct advantages for those shipping fish through the mail:

  • Oxygen passes through wall of the bag providing an unlimited supply of oxygen for the occupants of the bag.  Without the need for a large airspace shippers can shrink the size their packages.  This can allow shippers to ship a higher density of fish in a smaller box.
  • Historically oxygen has been a limiting factor in regards to transit times.  With the new bags hobbyists and breeders can choose to forgo next day transit times in favor of three days shipments like Priority Mail.  Being able to offer more economical transits times keeps invoice totals reasonable and attracts more customers.
  • Removing an airspace creates a "water cushion" around the occupants in the bag.  Sloshing from a box moving in transit can be very stressful for fish.  Using these bags reduces stress from transit which will in turn translate into higher success rate in delivering pets alive.
  • Chambering bags allows one to quarantine fish separately.  It is common knowledge that if a group of fish is shipped together and one perishes.  It's decaying body will quickly toxify the water for the rest still alive in the same space.  It increases the labor involved in shipping, but ensures that a fish that perishes in shipping will not spoil the water for the larger group.

Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Damon M
Great Bags, Great Service

I ordered these AQPKG Breather Bags to try out as the Generic ones I had bought on Ebay were starting to give me issues and poor Shipping results. Saw these when I was ordering some Heat Packs a couple weeks before and decided to give these ones a try. Ecstatic to say they performed exceptionally well. Sent 4 orders out in the past week with no DOA's. Angelfish and 2 Pairs of Apistogramma all arrived safe and healthy. I am going to be a repeat Customer for sure. Thanks to AQPKG for the Quick Shipping and Great Product!

Ken Kinard
Works great

I've been using Kordon's breathable bag for years to pack my live aquatic foods.
These bags work just as well as kordon with a cost savings

Great Breather Bags.

Great Bags so Far, Have not had any incidents with them what-so-ever. They feel about the same as the Other Company that stopped making Breather Bags.

Monique Bosch
great bags!

we use these bags for storing our worm castings…holds in all the moisture but allows oxygen exchange, keeping beneficial aerobic microbes thriving!

Will Cooper
Breather bags

Quality product. Will buy again