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Styro Liners

Insulating Styro Liners

An industry standard in responsible fish transportation.

  • Fabricated with a hot wire our styro foam retains a professional, clean edge and very little, to no mess.
  • Each set features an interlocking six wall design to provide the best stability while packing.
  • Expanded polystyrene offers unique closed-cell structure that provides remarkable insulating properties allowing for great temperature control.
  • Lightweight and resilient - Styro liners add little extra to ones shipping cost and provide for a strong and highly crush resistance carton.
  • This product line qualifies for Free Shipping on orders shipped within the United States.
Styro Liner Sets

We currently offer five precut box liner sets. These sets were specialy designed to fit common USPS box sizes, but will also fit in other stock boxes that are currently availble in the market place. The sizes that we stock are:

Styro Liner Sets
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