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Poly Bags

Kordon Breather Bags

Breathing Bags are a completely new approach to the shipping of live fishes and aquatic invertebrates.

  • Stocked sizes include:
  •          - 7" x 14"
             - 9" x 16"
             - 12" x 19"
  • Breathing Bags allow the transfer of carbon dioxide and oxygen through the plastic wall of the bag.
  • Carbon dioxide exits the bags at 4 times the rate oxygen enters the bags, thereby constantly purging the water of toxic carbon dioxide.
  • With no need for an air space shippers can fill the entire bag full of water. This in turn provides more room for the occupants and also prevents stressful sloshing that occurs in transport. An unlimited source of atmospheric oxygen allows shippers to choose slower and more economical methods of transport.
  • This product line qualifies for Free Shipping on orders shipped within the United States.

Kordon Breather Bags

Need regular poly bags? Now we got those too!

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